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The news industry has experienced a considerable shift in the world today. It is an industry that serves every person of every community, state as well as nation in learning about what is going on almost them. Through the information provided by this industry, any person can learn about what is happening across the nation ere even in their city and take actions accordingly for their safety or benefit. Now, there are a variety of modes from which a person can receive these important details. They can be from a television, the print media such as newspapers and magazines, radio and more the internet. The use of these four major forms from mass media depends upon the accessibility of the product for a person. It can be possible for one individual to property a television set, while for the other a radio! However, among everyone these four mass media, the cheapest and widely available one is the INTERNET!Without the internet today, it is practically impossibility for any business of any industry to gain the maximum profits it plans. The equipotential goes for the news industry similar well where their chief contribution lies in allowing their viewers knowledge maximum only from their sources! If a news channel or firm has the largest number of viewership, it automatically gets listed in the putative position of this field. In fact, to help their viewers have more mild access to their news reports; these leading firms also create and own their official websites. Through these websites, they help people especially of the working class and students gather the required information that got impossible for them to susceptibility during the telecasted period.Shahram shahramian is person of the leading and most educated journalists in this competitive industry of the present date. He is well known for his famous talk shows that features personalities and their ideas of certain issues and occasions. Many people obtain a great desire regarding watching his shows on the fiord he works- ‘TEN Televisie NEWS’. However, for the people having a professional life, it gets difficult to manage their time for both works and his interesting shows. This is why, for the convenience and governable of this section of people as well as many others, there are official websites that consists of the recorded shoes of this leading personality of the news industry.Any person can log in to the website and clack on the videos they desire to watch. A few of the major features of such websites are-1. Available to watch free of cost2. Various shows categorized according to dates and timings3. Easy to browse and click on the links interested to watchTo watch or learn more, visit the official website today!