Month: April 2016

a Parent Media Co. Inc. Announced Kidoodle.TV is Now Available on Android

Calgary, AB, February 04, 2014 – Child-friendly, subscription video on-demand service, Kidoodle.TV has arrived on Android! Announced on Kidoodle.TV’s official Tweet and Fb accounts on February 1, 2014, and with a walk-through available on the Kidoodle.TV blog, the service is unconcerned to use furthermore mobile. Android users can download the free app as part of […]Read More »

When media meets technology, exciting engineering program in media communications arises

Art and erudition has once again collaborated in the unique offering by Centennial College. The institution designed a media education program at its main site at Progress campus, with the help of the School of Communications, Media and Design et cetera the School of Engineering, Technology also Applied Science. This innovative graduate certificate program is […]Read More »

How Social Media Company and its Services can Benefit Company?

Emergence of SMO companies in India and their relative media platforms has given break to organization using, which they can ascertain, contact by their present ampersand target yet potential customers. This way they can better comprehend the growing needs of their customers, and can involveappositetechniques to solve them. It legacy also facilitate them by forming […]Read More »

Hindi News & Their Importance

Hindi news are widely watched, descry and listened to by large sections of the local population. It communicates in relatively easy terms to follow. Entity largely spoken and understood it gives regular source of information for most people. Hindi electronic, print and internet news have helped people a great part look for current news updates […]Read More »

Social Media As A Marketing Strategy

Social media has touched the lives like most internet users and has slowly but surely influenced aspects of the Web by deciding which websites downright high, are popular amidst users, and continue to enjoy special status among the rest. How has this happened especially although traditional SEO worked decently enough to help websites rank high? […]Read More »